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    “In such a dramatically changing world, our children will need to be creators and problem-solvers. Ortal Green has responded beautifully to this need with a practical and inspiring exploration of Project-Based Learning. This is the book for every teacher who cares about the future.“

    Tony Ryan

    International Best-Selling Author, learning futurist and Education consultant

    What teachers say-

    “It’s not just shifted my students’ thinking; it shifted my thinking as well and the way I look to design project-based inquiry experiences in the future. I am really excited by the change that it had in such a small space in time with our students already”
    Hayden Callahan, project-based inquiry leader
    “As soon as you learn it, you automatically start thinking this way when you go into the classroom and start applying it in different ways. The way you engage in the classroom changes. It makes it exciting and engaging for the kids as well. It makes things easier. It made the whole process of running an inquiry unit easier, so thank you.”
    Craig Heywood , Year 1 Teacher

    What Think Unique is all about?

    You don’t have a job: you have a calling.

    You have the power to transform the next generation.

    It is time for you to take your teaching to the next level, maximise your impact, and create tomorrow’s innovators.

    Think Unique is the easy step-by-step guide for teachers interested in transforming their classroom into an authentic, entrepreneurial learning environment.

    It breaks down project-based learning and explains the why, what, and how behind this approach using real-life classroom examples.

    Think Unique provides you with insights on how to implement deep learning into your classroom. You’ll also get valuable advice, tips, examples, and learn why PBL is important for your students; it will enrich your teaching and turn it into a more rewarding and less stressful experience.