Innovation in education

Design Thinking - the Future of Education Booklet

Learn more about "Design Thinking - the Future of Education", the unique program that revolutionises the current education. It is a program that helps schools adopt Design Thinking as the new framework for teaching and learning.

This innovative professional development program, co-designed with teachers, takes your teachers capabilities to the next level, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to encourage deeper learning in their classrooms.

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    “The biggest surprise for me is that it not only shifted the kids’ thinking, it shifted my thinking as well in the way that I look to design project-based inquiry experiences in the future…I am really excited by the change that happened in such a small space of time with our students .”

    Hayden Callahan

    Project based inquiry leader

    Now you can bring your school to the forefront of education

    Research affirms that Design Thinking educators can make a lasting impact on students' life skills by teaching them this process. It supports the inclusion of Design Thinking as professional development for teachers, as it offers strategies for improving teaching and learning. This type of professional development will expand and enhance teachers’ capabilities by helping them use Design Thinking to deliver existing content in a way that improves students’ academic performances.

    A lasting impact

    Finally, you have an opportunity to uplift teachers’ capabilities knowing there will be a lasting impact. You finally have the option to implement a program that will help you achieve your strategic improvement plan’s objectives even through these challenging times.

    With “Design Thinking - the Future of Education” you will:

    • Empower your students and staff to take control and drive their future learning direction in an everchanging world
    • Implement of future focused learning consistently across the school through an inquiry-based model to develop creative and critical thinkers
    • Facilitate differentiated Professional Learning to enable all staff to share expertise and inspire improvement in practice
    • Create a challenging and engaging school environment to create strong conditions for student success
    • Have a team of innovative problem-solvers
    • Promote authentic and rich learning
    • Foster a culturally inclusive and responsive learning environment that supports all stakeholders
    • Develop your students’ 21st century skills
    • Bring your school to the forefront of education