11 Fun ways to create great thinkers!

Do you want to expand your student thinking in a fun way?

Do you want to create a community of innovators in your classroom?

Are you looking for fun brain breaks activities?

If you do, you are not alone. We have all been there. Having these awkward 10 minutes in class when we don’t want to start a new lesson; looking for brain break activities that will be fun and engaging; wanting to expand our student’s thinking but running out of ideas on how to do it.

Finally, there is a pack of 11 fantastic activities you can use:

  • As creative writing activities
  • When your students need to have a brain break
  • As extension activities
  • Before and after testing to give your students a fun break
  • On those times when you have that awkward few extra minutes
  • During testing week to help your students with their nerves
  • As warm-up activities at the start of the day, to get their brains working
  • For home-schooling
  • To have fun with your students
  • When you are absent and need to provide activities for your substitute
  • As enrichment activities

By using this pack, you will –

  • Save yourself time
  • Have fewer behaviour issues as your students will be so engaged
  • Help your students think outside of the box
  • Enjoy teaching
  • Make your life easier as you will have a pack of fun activities ready to use

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    Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

    Edward de Bono

    What you get:

    A class of students having fun!

    What is it all about?

    To succeed in today’s world, we need to develop our creative thinking.

    Based on LinkedIn, IBM and other research, this is the most desired skill by employers.

    Creative thinking is our superpower!

    But what exactly is creative thinking?

    It is the ability to see new opportunities, have new ideas for improving things around you, and turn constraints into opportunities.

    It’s about imagining a new reality and thinking What if…?

    It’s about having no limitations to your thinking, about bringing your unique ideas to life and making them happen.

    In this pack, you will find fun activities for you and your students to develop creative thinking.